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Purchases a Class Pass ahead of time. Then use the Class Pass to reserve any class.

Starting @ 250 CZK

Join any class at any time for 30-days
45-days when you purchase a 30 class package

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My Zoom is a place for you to find your upcoming classes, classes that you have taken and even cancel a class if you are unable to make a session.

Cancelation & Late Policy

 Reservations can be canceled on My Zoom, phone or email no later than 24 hours before the official start time of the lesson.

Five (5) minutes prior to class, all bikes for customers that have not been checked-in will be released for walk-in customers. You will be charged for the class as a "No Show".

Reservations not cancelled or missed will be charged the applicable fee.

Rezervace je možné zrušit na My Zoom, telefonicky nebo emailem nejpozději 24 hodin před oficiálním začátkem lekce.

Pět (5) minut před lekcí budou všechna kola pro zákazníky, kteří nebyli odbaveni, uvolněna pro pěší zákazníky. Kurz vám bude účtován jako „No Show“.

Za nezrušené nebo zmeškané rezervace bude účtován příslušný poplatek.


250 KČ

  • Per class pricing
  • No subscription
  • Use of lockers
  • Towels
  • Free Shoe Rental (limited sizes available)


250 - 1100 KČ

  • Valid for 30 Days
  • Pre-pay
  • Use of lockers
  • Towels
  • Free Shoe Rental (limited sizes available)


0 KČ*

  • 1 Class per Day
  • Common Corporate Benefit
  • Use of lockers
  • Towels
  • 80 Kč Shoe Rental (limited sizes available)

* When you scan your Mulitsport Card. Multisport pays your fees on your behalf.


3000 KČ

  • Corporate Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Friends & Family Time
  • 1 hour ride + 1 hour (Up to 2 hours) 
  • Towels, Lockers, Limited Shoes
  • Up to 21 riders


Buy a single session when you click reserve a class or, with a Class Pass, you can pre-pay in advance for classes.

Simply use the Class Pass code that will be sent to your email when booking your session.


One Class

Expires in 30 Days

250 CZK
Three Classes

Expires in 30 Days

700 CZK

Save 50 CZK

Five Classes

Expires in 30 Days

1100 CZK

Save 150 CZK

Ten Classes

Expires in 30 Days

2150 CZK

Save 350 CZK

Thirty Classes

Expires in 45 Days

6150 CZK

Save 1350 CZK


To make a reservation, you will need to make a deposit before you can reserve classes. First time members do not need an initial deposit, come and try our studio and instructors.

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Zoom Cycle is a 60-minute intense cardio and strength training experience. At the core of Zoom Cycle is much more than exercise. It is a powerful experience of mind and body. Beyond the escape from the busy city world and office walls, our training helps with weight loss, body toning, cardiovascular health, stress reduction, positive mood, reduction of subcutaneous fat and legs and gluteus strengthening and toning.

What is spinning?

Spinning is a great form of aerobic activity suitable for all adult age groups. It is often recommended by orthopedic physicians for complications with the knees; it is an aerobic low-stress form of activity.

Why spinning?

Great aerobic activity independent of weather. All you need for the lesson is your bottle of water, suitable clothes (you will sweat), and running or riding shoes. The combination of music, coached guidance, and relaxing lighting contributes to a positive mood during the lesson. Morning sessions help to start the the mind and body perfectly for the whole day. The afternoon and evening sessions will help you clear your head and relax from a day of sitting in the office or at home.


The darkness in the studio gives you a sense of privacy and your only rival is your mind. Music helps to distract your thoughts and focus on your mind and body. Our instructors will motivate you to overcome your own boundaries.  

  • Professional Bikes
  • Lockers
  • Showers
  • Towels
  • Conveniently located near the center of Prague with easy access to trams, metro, and buses


Bikes will be released 5-minutes before the session begins. If you are not checked in by that time, your bike will be given to anyone waiting in the Studio.*

If you need cycling shoes, please request (and pay, if required) at the time of check in.

Once the Studio door is closed, no admittance will be allowed as it disrupts the flow and experience for our riders.

* If you arrive late and your reserved bike was given away, you will still be charged for the missed session (see our cancelation policy).

Multisport Members

First Time Customers

  • No deposit required
  • Register for any spinning session

Arriving at Zoom Cycle

  • You must show Multisport Card or use Multisport App with QR Code
  • Can only use card issued under your name
  • Must check-in at front-desk before your session begins

Refundable Deposit

  • Refundable 250 CZK deposit
  • The deposit is held and only used when a cancelation or no-show occurs
  • If you no longer want to reserve classes, you will be refunded any unused deposit

Rules & Conditions

  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the class or fail to show up for the class, you will be charged the full class fee of 250 CZK
  • Failure to check-in with the front desk will be considered a no-show
  • A zero deposit balance will require a new deposit before you are able to reserve a bike


Rohanské nábřeží 693/10
Praha 8, 186 00
+420 603 432 425